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Friday night came and Beelzemon was sitting on the couch, waiting for Ms. Shinshiju to be done with helping Valeri to get dressed. Beelzemon looked up from the TV and his jaw dropped when he saw Valeri walking through the doorway. She was wearing a one-strapped black dress made of satin-like material that went just below her knees and black low-heeled boots that went to her knees and zipped up on the sides. Her hair was put up in an invisible French braid
“Um, y-ya like it?” Valeri asked, smiling shyly and blushing lightly.
Beelzemon stood up and walked over to her. “Val, ya look sooo…whoa, sexy.” He looked her up and down and whistled.
Valeri blushed deeply. “T-thanks. Soo, aren’t you going to wear your shirt?”
“Nah, too nice outside for that. I’ll just wear my jacket.” He picked up his jacket and slipped it on.
“Oh, Ok.”
“Damn do you look sexy! Looks like I’m gunna haveta keep the other guys from tryin’ ta hit on ya.” he said with a chuckle.
Valeri giggled. “I know you will.”
Beelzemon brushed a stray strand of hair off her face, leaned down, and kissed her softly, resting one hand on her cheek and one arm around her waist. Valeri put her hand on his cheek.
Yuri walked in and, seeing the two, sighed. “Val, you are so lucky.”
The two pulled away and looked at her. She was wearing a glittery red spaghetti strap dress that had a ruffled bottom and ended just above her knees. She wore black leather strapped high-heeled sandals that buckled. Her hair was put up just like Valeri’s. She had on red heart-shaped earrings and makeup.
“Why?” Valeri asked.
“Because you have such a hot boyfriend. Who woulda thought that the girl who had no friends and was so shy she had a hard time asking others for stuff would even get a boyfriend!”
“Ah, shut it Yuri!” Beelzemon barked.
“I don’t have to.”
“Now, now that’s enough you two,” Ms. Shinshiju said as she walked into the room. “Come on, get in the van.”

When they reached the school Yuri went to find her friends and Beelzemon followed Valeri as she looked for Michael. They found him sitting in one of the chairs near the back of the gym.
Many of the teenagers, especially the boys, stared at  Valeri and in surprise; she usually wore more casual, less girly outfits. They could not help but stare at her, at least until Beelzemon shot them venomous glances and growled warningly.
“Hey, Michael.” Valeri said as they reached were he was sitting.
Michael looked up at her and gasped. “H-hello.” He blushed deeply and turned his gaze away.
“I’m gunna go stand by the entrance.” Beelzemon said, indicating with his thumb. He turned and walked away.
“Oh, alright. C’ya.” Valeri said, slightly disappointed that he was not going to stay. She sat down beside Michael.
“S-so, um…you look astounding….” he said, quite flustered.
Valeri smiled shyly. “Thanks.”
Beelzemon was watching them with disgust from the other side of the room. He was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and one foot one the wall. She’s MY girlfriend! Why should she be hanging out with him? Doesn’t she know he likes ‘er? Maybe not. Or maybe she’s just ignoring him and being, bleh, nice. That’s the way she is. He looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes.
He opened his eyes and looked down to see Valeri holding a cup of water. “Hmm?”
She held up the cup. “I thought you might want something to drink.”
“Thanks.” he said, taking the cup from her and taking a sip.
She smiled. “You’re welcome.”
Beelzemon smiled and put his hand on her cheek. “You do know that Michael likes ya, doncha?”
Valeri’s smile faded. “Yes.” She sighed.
“Not gettin’ any ideas right?”
“‘Course not,” Valeri hugged Beelzemon. “I love you and no one else, ‘cept Mom and Yuri of course.”
“That’s good.”
“Well, I’d better get back to Michael, won’t you come with?”
“Nah, ya know how I feel about him.”
She sighed. “Yes, well, I’ll be back in a couple minutes ta check up on you.”
Beelzemon smiled as he watched her walk away. I never thought I’d have a friend, yet here I am with a human that loves me. A human! Oh well, I love her all the same. God she looks so beautiful in that outfit. Well, actually she looks beautiful period. He downed the rest of his water, tossed the cup in the trashcan, rested his chin on his chest, and closed his eyes as he crossed his arms.
Valeri walked over to Michael. He was staring straight ahead, eyes full of terror.
“What’s wrong Michael?”
“It’s Dagger. He’s coming this way, and he doesn’t look happy.” Michael replied in a frightened whisper.
Valeri turned around and saw Dagger stomping towards them, a hateful look on his face. “Oh God.”
“Valeri! I gotta bone ta pick with you!” Dagger said, grabbing her by her shoulders and pushing her against the wall.
“Uh, w-what is it?”
“What the hell do ya think you’re doin’ hanging around with my brother? Why won’t you hang out with me?” Dagger asked hurtfully. He pushed harder on her shoulders. “And might I add you look quite sexy in that outfit?”
“Ow! Stop! Let go!”
“Aw, come on, babe. Wanna go out with me?” Dagger asked, a feral grin spreading on his face. He ran his fingers across her cheek.
Valeri gave him a look of disgust. “Why would I want to go out with the guy that beats me up every day? I don’t think so.”
Dagger growled. “You stupid bitch! Fine, then I’ll just make you.” He leaned closer and pressed his lips to hers in an eager, hungry kiss that bruised her lips, pressing his body against hers to keep her from struggling.  
Valeri kicked him hard in the shin and he pulled away.
“OW! Why you-!” He balled his hand in a fist and backhanded her viciously.
Tears swelled in Valeri’s eyes and she could taste blood in her mouth. “Ow….”
Michael had run over to Beelzemon. “Beelzemon! My brother’s got Valeri!”
“What?” Beelzemon’s eyes snapped open and he looked up to see Dagger with Valeri pinned to the wall, forcefully kissing her. He rushed over to them, knocking everyone out of the way. Damn that boy! This time I’m gonna kill him!
Valeri’s eyes widened when she saw Dagger pull out a switchblade after he pulled away from the kiss.
He pressed it to her throat. “I’m gunna give you a choice. Either ya go out with me or I’ll slit yer pretty throat!”
Valeri was unable to answer, not wanting to hurt her throat on the blade.
Dagger pressed the blade harder into her throat and squeezed her injured shoulder harder. Valeri cried out in pain, tears slid down her face.
Beelzemon came up behind Dagger and grabbed him by the back of his throat. “How dare you harm Val! I’ve been waitin’ ta be able ta getcha for hurtin’ her!”
Dagger struggled uselessly as Beelzemon slammed him into the wall not far from Valeri. Valeri slid down the wall and put her hand on her throat, pressing her lips together to keep from crying out.
“Nobody hurts my girlfriend and gets away with it!” Beelzemon snarled in Dagger’s face.
Dagger’s eyes widened in surprise. “What the hell are you talking about?!”
Beelzemon hurled Dagger into a large crowd of scared teenagers before walking after him. Valeri stood up and took off towards the entrance.
Beelzemon heard her and spun around. “Val!” He took off after her. He found her standing outside.
Valeri looked over her shoulder at him as he walked up to her. He could see the tears on her face glinting in the light from the moon and her whole body shaking. He could also see the bruises on her cheek and lips.
“Val? You alright?” he asked as he walked up to her
Valeri nodded and removed her hand from her throat to wipe her eyes, show him the long line oozing blood.
Beelzemon untied his bandana and wrapped it around her neck. “Better?” he asked, tying the ends.
“A little. Thanks.”
“Yer welcome.”
Valeri rested her head against his chest and he put his arms around her.
“It’s alright now. He’s not gonna hurt you anymore.” Beelzemon said soothingly, running his claws through her hair slowly.
“I know.” Valeri said softly, closing her eyes.
“I think I got somethin’ that might cheer ya up.”
“Hmm?” Valeri looked up at him curiously.
Beelzemon took a small black box from under one of his arm guards and held it out to Valeri.
“What is it?”
“Open it.”
Valeri opened the lid and gasped. Inside was a silver chain with an aqua green dragon wrapped around a red heart-shaped stone.  
“I thought you might like it, since you like dragons.”
“Oh, Beelzemon. I love it! Thank you.” She hugged him happily.
Beelzemon smiled. “Yer welcome.” He fastened the necklace around her neck.
Valeri pulled away. “I have something for you too,” she said, pulling a folded piece of paper out of a hidden pocket on her dress.
She held it out to him and he took it, looking at her questionably. He had not been expecting to get anything from her.
He unfolded it and surveyed the picture before looking up at her. “Val, I-I don’t know what ta say. No one’s ever made somethin’ for me before.”
Valeri smiled. “You don’t have to. I was hoping you would like it.”
Beelzemon sighed. “I love you, so much.” He brushed his hand across her cheek and leaned down to kiss her passionately yet gently because of her bruised lips.
Both were unaware that Michael was watching them as they made-out. He sighed. I guess she only liked me as a friend. Desolate and disappointed, Michael walked back inside.
Beelzemon pulled away. “Happy Valentine’s Day, love. You wanna go back inside?”
“Sure, if you want. I feel better now.”
Beelzemon smiled. “Aright.”
They walked inside. Inside everyone was calming down and continuing with their conversations, the music was still playing. Suddenly “Only One” by Yellowcard stared up.
“I like this song.” Valeri said quietly.
Beelzemon put his arms around her, listening to the lyrics. “You know, this kinda says how I feel about you.”
Valeri giggled. “Yeah. You know, this could be our song.”
Valeri sang along to the song under her breath. This really has been a Happy Valentine’s Day.
Chapter 14, Final Chapter!
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